If You Are Still Using Toilet Paper (Read This)!!

WWF report links Sumatra deforestation to toilet paper

By Paul Robinson

We have been encouraging you to switch to The Bum Gun every day for the past 4 years on this blog.  My friend Paul Robinson has an amazing article which you must read NOW!!

We know how difficult it is to link products to dangerous practices. Eco-friendly companies and individuals are going to be shocked once more at the habitat destruction wreaked on rainforests by their toilet paper, paper towels and tissue.

The huge island of Sumatra has just about the greatest loss of forest of any area in the

world. Everybody wants a piece of it, including elephants, orang-utans, rhino and the

approximate 280 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. It has now been disclosed in a WWF report that APP’s fibre, used by 8 large retailers (BI-LO, Brookshire Grocery Company, Delhaize Group (owner of Food Lion chain), Harris Teeter, Kmart, Kroger, SUPERVALU, and Weis Markets) is to be discontinued because of this link. (APP is Asia Pulp and Paper, subsidiary to the giant Chinese Sinar Mas Group.)

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is the first to praise this move by these eco-conscious companies. “We applaud the decision by these companies to remove these products from their stores,” said Jan Vertefeuille, head of WWF’s Tiger Campaign.

APP is among several affiliates who are alleged to have destroyed 5 million acres of rainforest in Sumatra since 1984, distributing and expanding its paper products through many US paper companies. One major example is the non-home products, Paseo (the fastest growing toilet-paper sale in the US and especially in California) and Livi, which you find in hotels, restaurants, schools and offices. Many companies have not responded to appeals and are listed on the WWF site. You can look at “Who sells these Products?” or elsewhere in the informative article.

Certainly, more than 50% of American consumers applaud sustainability, while the rest of the world are more eco-friendly, or less, depending largely of development. This is a chance to kick back at organisations who really don’t listen to the simple lessons taught our children and our ancestors. “Save the Planet, because it has certainly saved us.”

WWF quote the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry which estimates the total carbon emissions from

deforestation and associated peat decomposition and burning to be 1.2 gigatons per year. These massive emissions from deforestation make Indonesia the world’s third-largest greenhouse gas emitter. Around 60 percent of this carbon emission is estimated to occur in Riau Province, the epicentre of APP’s pulp mill and deforestation operations.

Species saved from this immense forest loss and carbon emission are few. Sustainable tourism helps to preserve a tiny enclave here and there, but governments and multinationals are the only true saviours of our last wild places. Individuals must act in order to ensure that this happens. It’s up to every person who might just be using a product they never even give a second thought to.

The Bum Gun Bidet SprayersThe King of Bathroom Hygiene

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Important Ways to Save Your Relationship Today

  1. Don’t EVER think, just because you are dating or married that your partner MUST put up with your bad breathe. Bad breathe is Imagerevolting, and always will be. Brush your teeth regularly throughout the day. And keep a tube of toothpaste and brush in your office desk, for a lunch-time clean, and just before you go home.












  1. Also, Don’t EVER think, your partner MUST put up with your poor hygiene. The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is simply to install, and will drastically improve your hygiene and that of a female partner. So, before you go out and buy the next box of chocolates, think about buying and installing The Bum Gun bidet sprayer, and watch your love life improve.









  1. After your next screaming match, right before the makeup sex, don’t bother with the “I love you” cliché. Just tell her, “You know, you’re the only person I’d ever tolerate talking to me like that. You’re that amazing.”


  1. No screaming matches lately? Have one, fast. If she’s screaming at you, she still gives a damn. Silence from a woman means something has died.


  1. Drop this bomb: “You remember the time we [insert personal-best sex saga here]? I bet we could do even better.”


  1. Do you ever thinking about leaving your partner? Think about this first: No one is perfect. The next person you meet could indeed be cooler, hornier, and wealthier. But you’ll soon grow tired of the crap, and long for your old trusty partner back.


  1. All the stuff you’d want after a breakup—nights on the town, drop-of-a-hat vacations, those long-put-off season tickets—you can enjoy right now. With a built-in date. So pick something fun and do it TOGETHER.


  1. Learn a new sport together. Join the gym. Take up surfing. Join a karate class. Go to the golf driving range, or local pitch n putt. Just do something new to both of you, and do it THIS WEEKEND.


  1. As you ask your best friend for advice on your partner’s best jaw-dropping gift, did you ever think to ask your partner first?

Remember, good personal hygiene will give you an uplift in life, as well as your relationship. Just because you’ve been using toilet paper for years, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a much better alternative.


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I know this story is not directly about The Bum Gun or hygiene, but saying that if you were stuck on an island for 7 years you aint gonna be using toilet paper. And I bet you would NOT miss it, because you would use something MORE natural and cleaner, like water!!

But this story is a fantastic example of not giving up, and persevering through life’s challenges. And all of us at The Bum Gun Ltd strive every day to help everyone we meet have a better life, make the most of our chance on this earth, and make profound differences so family, friends and colleagues also have better lives.

In 2007, Gemma Sheridan and 2 friends set out on a voyage that was to take them from their home town of Liverpool, across the Atlantic to the Panama Canal and then onwards to the beautiful island of Hawaii. The first stage of the voyage went without incident. However, after passing through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific, things started to take a turn for the worse.

There was a huge storm that took out the boats electronics and washed her 2 friends overboard and seriously damaged her boat. Without any electronics and with a damaged boat, Gemma drifted for 17 days until she was hit by another major storm. During the storm, Gemma was knocked unconscious and the rest is history. Gemma awoke on a beach, surrounded by wreckage from her boat.

Here is a short account of some of the things she endured: Within the first hour I had a google-earth-sos-7-years-the-bum-gun-island-dreammajor panic attack. It was a disturbing feeling, being alone, isolated, so far from home without a hope. I had been on water rations for the last 2 weeks, so finding water was the first priority. There were no pools of fresh water, so I had to rig up a contraption that drew the water away from the rock and I managed to get one drop every 50 seconds. That was my only source of water, so it was coconuts until it rained.

Not the best start.

The amount of energy required to do anything massive and it was mentally taxing. For the first 2 weeks I stayed in a mock shelter i made from debris that washed ashore. I needed to find real shelter, I found a large tree that looked perfect. I nibbled away at the bark of a tree with a giant clam shell for 11 days just to build a shelter. It might have been bomb-proof and waterproof in the end and it’s probably still standing but if I’d had a machete, just that one tool, I would have been able to build it in a few hours. It was four weeks before I managed to light a fire – you have no idea how happy that made me.

ferral goats save google girlThere were eight feral goats on the island, three adults and five kids. I seen them occasionally, but they would always get away. I made a bow and arrow, but this just went twang and fell on the floor. And my spear wasn’t sharp enough. So, when the hunting tools didn’t work, I spent seven days building a coral-type trap with spikes on it and everything. I thought “Yes. This’ll do it”. It didn’t.

One day I was walking round the island looking for crabs and saw what I thought was driftwood caught up in the bottom of this tree. Then it bleated. This goat had been eating the leaves, got its horns caught and panicked. It was a massive thing, about 45 or 50 kilos and it was meat, so I tried squeezing its windpipe but that wouldn’t do it and then I had to bash it on the head with a clam shell. It took about 15 minutes to kill it and was quite gruesome. It showed me how far I was from being able to hunt because even though it was trapped it still took me quarter of an hour.

Fast forward a few years and everything had changed: The physical side was tough but does google earth find girl?ultimately fine. I did a series of exercises on the beach every day – press-ups, chin-ups on a tree branch, squats with boulders on my shoulders and shuttle runs of about 300 metres. I had managed to get to a stage when I was getting stronger.

The difficulty was elsewhere.

My mind was lonely and it was beginning to dawn on me that I may never be saved. Usually if you’re on a desert island and you start talking to yourself it is an indication that things are going wrong. I had a sign on the beach that was about 10 feet high, but it had sat there all this time and nothing came of it. So I decided to go all out, I spent the next few weeks clearing space and finding materials to build a huge sign in the sand on the beach. My hope was that perhaps a plane might fly over and see it, but in all my time on the island, I had not seen 1 single plane fly over. I didn’t give up though.

Fast forward a couple more years: I woke up 1 morning to the sound of a plane flying over me which was unusually low, I could not believe it, I thought it was a dream. I ran to the beach screaming and waving my arms like a lunatic, the plane flew over 2 or 3 more times and then dropped a small package. Inside was a radio, fresh water, food and a small medical kit. I switched on the radio and heard the first human voice for years. We talked for what seemed like an eternity, then I asked the voice on the other end “How did you find me” to which they replied “Some kid from Minnesota found your SOS sign on Google Earth” I didn’t even know what Google Earth was, but I’m eternally in their debt now.

So if this story is true it’s an amazing story. If not, then a good yarn all the same!!

Memorial Day – Remembering What You Did For Us

All week-long I’ve heard the reports of what the travel conditions, weather conditions, airfares, and gas prices are going to be for this year’s Memorial Day Weekend. I’ve seen umpteen recipes made and displayed and drinks poured into colorful glasses from matching jugs.


But nothing’s been said about those the day is set aside to honour. How very sad. It’s so important that in the midst of parties and parades we actually remember, honour and respect the price paid for our freedom.

Those who gave their life that we could be safe have paid the ultimate price. Their loved ones and families are also paying a very heavy price.

Let’s not forget the real heroes this day is all about, THEM!

By the grace of God, please share a thought for the veterans who didn’t return, as well as those who did with sad memories and grieving hearts. They all sacrificed so much for each and every one of us.


The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers - The King of Bathroom Hygiene in the 21st Century

8 Head Turning Facts Why Big Bums Are Awesome

8 Head Turning Facts Why Big Bums Are Awesome

Obviously we are thrilled to bits to hear that our Bum Gun bidet sprayers are hitting Hollywood, with the news Jennifer Lopez being one of our growing admirers of the bidet sprayer. And as a huge sign of respect here is our admiration to every lady with a BIG BUM.

Kim Kardashian shows off her famous booty in a bikini on a photo shoot in Thailand.

You have all seen the catwalks in the last few years. Streams of waif-like-junkie looking girls, who look in desperate need of a Big Mac & fries. In my opinion big bums are far more attractive. Skinny girls, who could be mistaken for a guy from behind, just don’t look sensual, don’t look worth looking at, and definitely do not represent the proper female form.

I wonder if you have seen the padded butt knickers. I find these highly amusing, but just go to show how not everyone wants the skinny beanpole look.

Everyone was goggle-eyed when Kim Kardashian did a recent photo shoot in Krabi, Thailand wearing a Brazilian thong bikini. We heard she was offered one of the million baht members’ club cards, other holders being David Beckham. One thing is for sure everyone on Krabi’s beach that morning got a real treat from Hollywood’s royalty.

Kim ’s tropical, brazen look made us remember eight more benefits of having a pronounced bum and reasons to embrace your big booties!


1. The Sexiest Bums are big


Jennifer Lopez must have one of the most sought after butts going. A chunky, well-rounded  bum is a highly desirable feature on a 21st century woman. This is mainly due to a number of high-profile celebs, like Jennifer Lopez, whose curvy yet tight bum is dee-licious. And Jennifer knows the best way to take care of her gorgeous derriere is using a bidet sprayer, NOT nasty toilet roll.

2. They make us more heart-healthy



According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, the subcutaneous fat found in women’s butts, hips, and thighs may protect them against health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. That means pear-shaped women tend to be healthier than apple-shaped ones.

3. Tight fitting jeans are SEXY!!



Girls with skinny bums hardly ever look hot in jeans. Tons of sag is just NOT sexy!! Big bums, like Kim’s fill out jeans and give every admirer a lovely view

4. Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier


Scientists from the University of Oxford have discovered that women with larger than average butts are not only increasingly intelligent but also very resistant to chronic illnesses. Omega 3 fats have been proven to catalyze brain development. Researchers have also discovered that children who have moms with wider hips sometimes tend to have higher IQs.

5. Big Bums Help Protect From Diabetes



According to ABC News, women with bigger booties tend to have lower cholesterol levels and are more likely to produce sugar-metabolizing hormones. Therefore, women with big butts are less likely to have diabetes.”

6. Never Feel Uncomfortable Sitting On A Wall


Falling on your ass is painful if you don’t have much down there to act as a cushion. Sitting on the ground or uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time? Forget about it, little butts.


7. Beyoncé Queen of the Butt Shakin Dance Moves



The best dancers have a lot of bootie to shake. Beyoncé is queen of the butt shakin dance moves. Watch any of her videos and tell me I’m not right.

8. Selfie Mania – Perfect Opportunity To Show Off Your Butt


As everyone knows Selfie Mania is HERE!! And girls across the globe can’t wait to strip off in their bedroom or bathroom and show the world their bodies. Luckily for us big butt lovers that includes some very tasty booties!! Enjoy!!


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Dangerous Trends In Personal Hygiene You Must Know

Study after study prove good personal hygiene improves lives

Did you know that depression can be one of the effects of poor personal hygiene?

It’s true. According to the Patient Education Institute, depression can stem from a general feeling of low self-confidence and self-worth brought on by poor hygiene and not feeling good about yourself.

A sudden change in your desire to take care for your personal hygiene and look smart and presentable could be a sign of serious mental illness.

And The amazing Bum Gun can actually help you banish your poor personal in 1 day.

That’s exactly why the primary function of The Bum Gun is to shoot a jet of invigorating water to effortless clean you after every toilet visit.

And research has shown that when you neglect your personal hygiene you can find yourself ostracized from friends and family.  Poor body cleanliness could affect you keeping your job, making friends orkeeping your relationship going.

Poor hygiene can also limit you socially and make you feel alone, and prevent you from ever finding a partner if you are single.

According to the World Health Organization, washing your hands helps to avoid eye, skin, and respiratory infections from bacteria and viruses. To avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria, don’t use toilet paper, and instead use The Bum Gun jet sprayer.

Wash your hands after going to the bathroom, handling garbage, sneezing and coughing, as well as preparing and eating food.

You can use The Bum Gun for more comfort when you have haemorrhoids. Its clinically proven that a jet of water will help relieve the pain of toilet paper.

The reason why we feel The Bum Gun is the best breakthroughs in hygiene is because it is puts a barrier between bacteria and your hands, and also washes you properly, not just smears around.

This means that The Bum Gun works day and night for your improved benefit, for an upgrade in your lifestyle.

So go ahead and try out The Bum Gun today. You will never regret upgrading from nasty toilet paper. Don’t be the last person you know to get out of the dark ages.

The Bum Gun truly is the master in bathroom hygiene which is why we call it The King of Bathroom Hygiene – Order yours today and instantly feel the benefits it produces, real results you can feel.

Save money on using toilet paper, which is NOT clinically proven to work.  Stop dealing with cling-ons, nasty butt rash and ski-marked underwear.

Start living life with more energy, vigor, and ability to move how you want.

Give The Bum Gun a try…you’re completely covered, it’s risk free, and it’s the bathroom device you have long needed.


The Bum Gun – Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

CEO & Founder

The Bum Gun – King of Bathroom Hygiene

P.S. So how will you know for sure that The Bum Gun is working?

Easy… you’ll see and FEEL the difference. You will notice the comfort immediately, giving you the chance to be active again.

More mobility and less discomfort when you’re enjoying your daily hobbies and activities I assure you… you’ll FEEL the difference with more comfort levels.

Sounds great, doesn’t it.

Well, it is. You can enjoy this freedom and mobility The Bum Gun gives RIGHT NOW!!

It’s completely guaranteed to work or you get your money back.

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Why should more people be talking about anal pain?

Anal discomfort can be absolute torture and dealing with it can lead to a very stressful situation. I have been a regular Bum Gun user for about 21 years, and obviously I hate any occasion when I have to return to the dreaded toilet paper. If you are reading this and still a toilet paper user, please bare with me.

Why should more people be talking about anal pain?What Causes of Anal Pain and Discomfort?

Let’s face it, the anal area is very sensitive and can be very troubling, yet many people are reluctant to discuss it, or do anything about it. Itching, painful defecation, stained underwear, release of blood, and odour all lead to embarrassment, distress, social problems, and anguish.

These problems of anal discomfort are very common. Symptoms exist with irritable bowel syndrome or other functional bowel disorders. Diarrhoea and constipation may worsen them. Anal discomfort symptoms are not part of these conditions as they may occur independently.

They may be due to or associated with many local diseases. Crohn’s disease may attack the anus. Other diseases can occur in your private areas too. If defecation is painful, there are probably small tears in your anal skin, also called an anal fissure. The surrounding skin is prone to many diseases and infections.

Whatever the association, irritation around the anal area can be treated and prevented.

Prevention of Anal Discomfort

Whenever I am forced to use toilet paper over anything more than a couple of days my anal area becomes extremely sore, and the abrasive nature of toilet paper causes tears in my skin, resulting in blood, which I find deplorable.

How can you get help for these troublesome symptoms? First of all, it is a good idea to go see your doctor.  I know a lot of people will do anything to NOT see the doctor, especially if the problem involves your private areas. But it is very important you are checked out by your doctor.

Whatever the cause, many of the following suggestions may be helpful.

Advice Which Will Relieve Anal Discomfort

Intense wiping with dry toilet paper will probably damage your skin, which will make the problem worse. But the skin around the anal area is tender, and very sensitive.

Using The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is the intelligent answer to many problems with anal discomfort. Honestly, I find it astounding that more people have not upgraded their bathrooms yet. Toilet paper was invented 150 years ago, and so anyone should know that there are much better alternatives available.

Even the ‘softest’ toilet papers are rough, and cause abrasions in your anal area. It’s no wonder so many people have stained underwear, and release of blood.

Furthermore, small pieces of toilet paper become stuck in the anal skin which can be irritating. Even more irritating is the coloured toilet paper, as the dyes can be the cause of allergies.

You honestly have nothing to lose with The Bum Gun. It is by far a more hygienic option, as well as much more comforting, especially is you already have anal fissures. I promise you here and now, that once you have tried The Bum Gun – YOU WILL NEVER RETURN TO TOILET PAPER, willingly.

Why am I so confident to make this promise to you today??

Well, its because in all my time of working with people and supplying them The Bum Gun, I have never had anyone return to using toilet paper. It just doesn’t happen. You might think that is unbelievable right now. But honestly, the product is extremely extraordinary.

The Bum Gun is light years ahead of toilet paper on every count:

  1. The Bum Gun pays for itself within just a few months, so saving you a ton of money over its lifetime.
  2. The Bum Gun is more hygienic and comfortable. It gets you much cleaner. Saving your underpants. Saving you from embarrassment.
  3.  Saving your relationship!
  4. The Bum Gun is by far the greener, smarter option.

After using the invigorating jet spray of The Bum Gun, simply air dry. But most people pat the area dry using a lint-free cloth. Alternatively, pat dry with a few sheets of toilet paper.

There are many anal ointments, creams, and suppositories sold for anal complaints. Try not to use these if possible. Some, especially those containing local anaesthetics, may set up a local allergic reaction and worsen the problem. Others contain irritants such as witch hazel or alcohol.

Again, make sure you consult your doctor before using any of these creams. If you must use them, please use sparingly.

  •  Sweat may irritate as well. Non-medicated talcum powder may help if there is excessive sweating in the area around the anus. Healthy skin everywhere needs air.
  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Wear light, white cotton underwear.
  • Check that the detergent used in cleaning your clothes is not irritating or allergenic.
  • After exercise, wash as above to avoid the irritating effect of sweat.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods, and consider using a rubber ring (available in medical supply shops) to remove pressure on the anus.
  • Healthy bowel action can minimize faecal contact and help the anal distress. Hard stools may be prevented by fibre, thus minimizing straining.
  • If diarrhoea can be controlled, so may faecal staining and incontinence. Avoid foods and drugs that may irritate or that are associated with itching.

The Bum Gun WILL improve your life

Remember, no one goes back to toilet paper. There is a very strong reason for that. And you are missing out. Treat yourself today, you will NEVER regret it.

Furthermore, these simple measures can help many people with these common, but sadly, unspoken complaints. They can help you lead a much more comfortable, stress-free, and pain-free life.

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Menstrual Hygiene: 5 important things you should know

One for the ladies guys, so please turn to another page while us ladies have a natter…thanks.

Menstruation is a huge change in a teenage girl’s life. When puberty starts there are a number of things a young female must know. ‘Is a sanitary napkin effective?’, ‘How to stay best clean during periods?’ and, ‘How to handle all these weird changes in your body?

Bidets helps females stay clear through the whole month

Bidets Helps Females Stay Clean

During my research when travelling the world, there are many females who believe so many myths based around female periods.

Here is some advice to help you stay clean and hygienic during your periods. Here’s how you can reduce the pain during your periods.

1.  Different Methods of Sanitation

First, choose the right method for sanitation during your periods. There are many ways including the use of sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups to stay clean. If you do decide to use a tampon remember that it is essential to choose one that has the lowest absorbency rate for your flow. During this time it is essential to realize that it does take time to get used to sanitary pads and tampons.

There are chances that you may have stains or may not choose the right kind of sanitary pad for you. It is a trial and error, so relax and you will find one that suits you.

It is important you feel comfortable during your periods, so it is essential you find a brand and a type of sanitary to suit you.

2. Change Your Pad Regularly

It is important to change your sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup regularly. The standard time for a sanitary pad is once every six hours, and every two hours for a tampon. Again, this is base timing, you have to work out how often the changes suit you. Every female has different flow rates.

Remember sanitary napkins are made of cotton wool and when you bleed into one, most of the blood gets soaked in, but at a certain point the pad gets saturated and may leak.

Another consideration is that menstrual blood, once it has left the body, gets contaminated with the body’s innate organisms. This rule applies for even those days when you don’t have much bleeding, since your pad is still damp and will have organisms from your vagina and sweat from your genitals. When these organisms remain in a warm and moist place for a long time they tend to multiply and can lead to conditions like urinary tract infection, vaginal infections and skin rashes. Therefore changing is essential.

Regarding tampons it is very important because, if left inserted into the vagina for long periods it can cause a condition called toxic shock syndrome. This is when bacteria infiltrate the body leading to severe infection that can send to the body into shock – that requires emergent treatment and can lead to serious complications and even death.

3. Wash With The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer Regularly

It is important to wash your vagina and labia well before you change into a new pad. The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is ideal in giving you that “shower fresh clean” between pad changes.

When you menstruate the blood tends to enter tiny spaces like the skin between your labia or around the opening of the vagina. Therefore, you MUST always wash this excess blood away with The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer. This will prevent bad odour from the vaginal region common with people who use only toilet paper.


4. Don’t use soaps or vaginal hygiene products

It is important to wash yourself with The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer regularly, but only use soap on the external parts but do not use it inside your vagina or vulva.

The vagina has its own cleaning mechanism that works in a very fine balance of good and bad bacteria. Washing it with soap can kill the good bacteria making way for infections.

5. Discard your used sanitary product properly

Whether you are using a sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup, it is important to know how to dispose of it correctly. Always wrap the used product in waste paper or put it in a plastic bag. Properly wrap it and discard it in a sanitary bin.

Never flush it down the toilet. And remember to wash your hands properly after you have changed your sanitary pad.


When you have your periods it is important to have extra sanitary pads in your bag. It will be a good idea to also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer too.

If anywhere you go often, like your work place, gym, yoga centre, or favourite coffee shop is still using toilet paper, then you tell them to UPGRADE NOW.

All of us Bum Gun bidet sprayer users find toilet steer of anywhere which has not upgraded yet. Come on guys, get with the program!!

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CristinThe Bum Gun brains and passiona, our Chief Operations Officer’s goal is make a massive difference in people’s personal hygiene throughout the world, especially females. She finds it absolutely barbaric that so called ‘developed’ nations around the world are still forcing people to wipe around with nasty toilet paper. 


Proof that The Bum Gun Improves Lives

Proof that The Bum Gun Improves Lives

Hi there,

 I want to show you something that you may find a little hard to believe.Recent studies have shown that better hygiene WILL improve your life, more than you thought possible.It’s true. If you have a personal hygiene problem, odour isn’t the only issue. In fact, poor hygiene spreads illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It also affects interpersonal relationships, social interactions and job or school performance.

Good hygiene, on the other hand, makes you come off as a capable person with self-worth and self-confidence. Good personal hygiene also helps you stay healthy, clean-looking and attractive.

If you are still using toilet paper you are throwing your money down the toilet. But worse than that, you are limiting your life development and happiness.

Look, the truth is, every time you touch a surface, sneeze, prepare food, change a diaper, or use the bathroom, you pick up potentially harmful organisms, according to the CDC.

Simply using The Bum Gun after every bathroom visit and washing your hands properly can stop you from transmitting cold, flu and infections caused by viruses and bacteria on your skin.

When you don’t wash regularly, not only can you harbour and spread these bacteria and viruses, but you’re more likely to contract the illnesses they cause.

If you have a skin irritation or a wound, poor hygiene will likely lead to infection. Proper hygiene also helps to maintain healthy skin pH and skin strength.

The Bum Gun is able to put a barrier between yourself and potentially harmful bacteria, as well as giving you an invigorating clean.

So what do you have to lose by giving The Bum Gun a try? It’s completely guaranteed to work or you get your money back.

To prove that, and to make it easy for you. I will give you a clear cut 60 day test period to try The Bum Gun. If you honestly feel toilet paper is better than The Bum Gun after 2 full months of testing, simple return The Bum Gun for your money back.

Heck, you can even keep the free gifts you receive when you order The Bum Gun as my thank you for giving it a try.

Stop dealing with toilet paper pain, discomfort, skid stains and gling-ons today.

Start living life with more energy, vigour, and ability to move how you want.

Give The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer a try…

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Dedicated to improving hygiene,

The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer Managing Director

Greg Noland

CEO & FounderThe Bum Gun Bidet Sprayersinfo@thebumgun.com

P.S. Imagine… having your “get up and go” feeling back again in as little as 1 day. Being able to go for a walk without worrying about how much discomfort that toilet paper rash can give you. I remember that pain, and I understand it is awful!!

Imagine enjoying your session at the gym without having to worry when you sit down, move awkwardly, feeling better than ever.

That discomfort in your private area won’t go away by itself.

The Bum Gun will help you move a lot easier again, so you can enjoy a more active life.

You owe it to yourself to give The Bum Gun a try…

The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers – A Life Changer



There are a few inventions which have changed our lives quite drastically. The iphone is a latest life changer, the vacuum cleaner was a life changer when I was a kid. And thankfully, The Bum Gun bidet sprayer is also becoming a massive life changer for thousands of people. This 21st century alternative to toilet paper is allowing people to save money on their weekly shop, but also give huge benefits in terms of better hygiene, cleanliness and comfort after every bathroom visit.

Upgrade your life today:

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Toilet paper was fine until a better invention came out. Don’t kid yourself and think you are actually clean after using toilet paper, because you are NOT.
All you have done is smear off most of it.

Do you shower in the morning? Shower after the gym? Or rub yourself with toilet paper?

Honestly, toilet paper is filthy, nasty stuff compared to The Bum Gun.
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The Bum Gun® 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Ban­k Guarantee

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In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Ban­k Guarantee:

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with The Bum Gun® bidet sprayer after 60 days – I don’t expect…or want…to keep your money. Simply send off a quick email to me and I’ll happily refund your money in full. That means you can’t lose no matter what!

Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out The Bum Gun® at my risk, while you see if it works for you or not. And you can have all your family try it and I promise you they will have never used something so amazing in the bathroom. And if it doesn’t produce the best ever comfort and cleanliness, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver The Bum Gun® to you is entirely on me. If The Bum Gun® doesn’t produce immediate comfort and cleanliness then I’m the loser, not you. Simply return, and get your money back.

Look at it this way — £49.95 or $80 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on ineffective, bacteria spreading and often painful toilet paper in the year ahead.

That’s why…

That is the same as £0.83 ($1.32) per month if the bidet sprayer only lasted you 5 years!!
You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In The Bum Gun®!

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You’ll be wondering very quickly how you ever put up with nasty toilet paper for so long!!

All the best,

Greg Noland

P.S. Just think! “You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of finding out someone has taken the last bit of toilet paper ever again!! This benefit alone is worth the price of one bidet sprayer. Or keep paying big bucks on the regular shop each and every week for the next supply of bum abrasion toilet paper.

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